Purple, Sticky and full of Antioxidants

coconut pudding

Winter is almost here but I couldn’t resist getting in one more summery pudding recipe, and I have to say, this one is quite delicious.

Full of lauric acid, (which has been shown to have strong anti fungal and antimicrobial properties) high in phytonutrients (which gives it it’s lovely blue hue), and just plain yummy….. can you guess what it is?

Coconut and blueberry pudding! 

Our family went a bit loco over young coconut this past summer. Every week (sometimes twice) we would buy a whole box of young coconuts from the health food store and fill an esky under our kitchen island with coconuts and ice packs. Cold young coconuts were a perfect after beach snack on a hot summers afternoon – thirst quenching and surprisingly filling.

I thought coconuts couldn’t get any better until I started blending the coconut flesh up with a punnett of blueberries…. the taste was out of this world!

As the weather gets colder our young coconut consumption is winding down. But every now and again I still buy a few; just so I can blend it up with some blueberries, huddle together with the girls under a blanket and think of warmer, more summery times.


Choosing a young coconut

I always buy either organic or chemical free coconuts. To improve shelf life, commercial young coconuts are dipped in fungicides, pesticides, and other anti-moulding agents prior to being shipped.

Choose a coconut that feels heavy and has no mould, cracks or soft spots (although the coconut will have a slight soft spot on the very bottom, which is fine).

I always buy two young coconuts, just incase one is a complete dud.

Opening a young coconut

My first attempts at opening a young coconuts involved telling the girls to stand back,  closing my eyes and wildly hacking with a knife in the direction of the coconut. All this produced broken knives, spilt coconut water and scared children, so I decided to ask google to help me out.

Here is a great link here on how to open a young coconut


Once your coconut is opened and emptied of water, you’ll see either four types of coconut flesh

  • Jelly like flesh that is very soft
  • Half formed flesh that is still soft
  • Fully formed flesh which is quite thick and hard
  • Pink flesh – mould has gotten to it, throw it out.

To make a smooth pudding out of the coconut it is best to use either jelly flesh or half formed flesh unless you have a high powered blender like a vitamix. However if you do get a coconut with hard flesh, simply scoop the coconut flesh out and freeze it, then defrost it. Once defrosted it should be much softer and easier to blend.

Now lets make pudding!

Young Coconut and blueberry pudding

One young coconut is one serving


  • Flesh of one young coconut
  • 1/2 punnet of blueberries


  1. Combine ingredients and using either a food processor, blender, or hand blender process until smooth. serve chilled.







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